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Time Place Description
Fri 6:00am Albemarle Baking Co. 1 hour easy; "yawn at dawn"
Sat 8:00am Albemarle Baking Co. 2-4 hours moderate with fast paced sections; short and long routes available
Sun 8:00am Albemarle Baking Co. 2+ hours moderate

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We're not Strava-addicts, but we do like it.

Upcoming Ride on 04/20/2019

David Fowley will be leading the long option starting from ABC at 9:00am. Hopefully the expected flash flooding Friday will not impact the route. Rest stop planned in scenic downtown Standardsville around mile 47.5. Riders wanting a shorter route can break off around mile 27 and continue on Amicus to Celt Rd and Buck Mtn, Free Union or something like that.

Fortuna suggested routes are listed on MapMyRide and on RideWithGPS.